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Zimred CBD Manufacturing

Zimred is just at the beginning of what we know will become the number one source for high-quality CBD products in the Motocross world. We have substantial plans in the works that focus on developing high-quality CBD products in various forms. We cannot wait to release all of our CBD based products to the public, very soon! We're currently testing and developing in our very own in-house laboratory built next door to the Zimred Powersports branch.

Zimred's future is bright & we cannot wait to continue this journey with your support along the way!

Here at Zimred we do it all: from manufacturing, to retail, to providing bulk size orders for our distributors. We believe our products contain the most high-quality hemp derived CBD on the market and we stand by it. To back our quality and standards, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. We know that not many companies can claim their products are made in the USA, however all our CBD products are manufactured, assembled or formulated right here in the USA. Zimred strives to deliver high-quality CBD you won't find anywhere else & thats why we have created our very own in-house CBD brand for the world to enjoy.

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