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Powersports is not only our passion but it has been our lifestyle since the day ZIMRED was born. My name is Dillon Zimmerman, and as the creator of this company, everything I’ve done has revolved around powersports since the age of 5. I knew from day one that my future would entail either being a top racer or creating a brand to help others become the best racers they could be. I was aware of the unfortunate truth that I could not race forever. Thinking ahead, I began creating successful virtual platforms for businesses and brands I believed in. Throughout my racing career I had the opportunity to develop valuable relationships with various prominent well-known companies and brands across the globe. Via the World Wide Web, I helped numerous businesses not only reach their goals, but continue to thrive as well. After successfully assisting various companies, I decided it was time to create my own Powerful dynamic website benefiting the off-road world. That is when ZIMRED was officially born. We launched in the beginning of 2019, and at the forefront of it all is passion and commitment to fulfill our mission to support all off-road enthusiasts.

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ZIMRED has substantial plans in the works to focus on developing high-quality items for dirt bikes, ATV, UTV & much more. We're currently testing and developing our very own in-house built ZIMRED products. Our company's future is bright! Until then, ZIMRED currently provides quality dependable products for sale that have been online tested and developed throughout their specific brand’s testing procedures.



Our Office And Shipping Locations

Our meeting office is personal and special to us, it’s the foundation in which invaluable relationships are built. ZIMRED's product warehouses are located across the United States offering various shipping locations making delivery time decrease by over 50% and increasing consumer convenience.


Wow! Great packaging! Love the box and product A+++

Chad Johnson

Amazing product and great staff, thank you getting the product to me so fast during this pandemic. You guys rock!

David Hansen